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CGC Inspire Schools

Over the last year in particular, we have seen many of our member schools wanting to go “all in ” with the CGC, and form a longer-term partnership. The realization is that co-creating learning cultures, learning curriculum and learning communities means taking time and avoiding multiple distractions. In response, we are creating a new level of membership that includes unlimited online personalized support (planning, advice, workshops) at a discounted rate so there are no barriers to us working together. As CGC, we also really enjoy the experience of building success together, believing in each other and supporting each other.

These schools will be CGC Inspirer Schools.

We are offering this kind of membership to a limited number of schools so that we can guarantee personal support. They may be small or large, well-established or relatively new. What all the Inspirer Schools will have in common is a shared commitment to creating great learning organizations over time.

This level of membership is by invitation only, if you would like to learn more please email us at

What you get


  • Access to all modules and back up materials (such as presentations)
  • Sneak peak at CGC working documents
  • Special invitations from our partners
  • Dedicated online community and groups
  • Active support in recruitment of Faculty & Leadership
  • Access to live and recorded What’s New sessions


  • Spotlight school in communications and presentations
  • High level branding on website
  • Publish joint articles in leading educational publications
  • Leadership blog posts on CGC website
  • Special plaque for school lobby “Inspire School”
  • Co-present at partner conferences

Personalized Support (planning, advice and all workshops)

  • All inclusive personalized online support (online and for your school only)
  • Discount (25%) to multi-school workshops
  • Discount (25%) to Why Lead? workshops
  • Access to annual 2-day multi-school orientation training (free)
  • Discount (25%) for on-site workshops
  • A place on the CGC Innovation Board which meets,
  • online, 4 times a year to help define the future of
  • CGC and develop new ideas
  • Equity/ Diversity: As an INSPIRE school you may
  • sponsor a ‘local’ non-fee paying school in your country for free, provided that you help them with PD. The school will be included as an IMPLEMENT School and will have free access to all products and training done for your school.

3 Year commitment. 

What it costs

  • Similar to the current school membership, your membership costs will be based on your school enrollment.
  • Fixed price for 3-years: price will not increase if your school enrollment grows, but will be reduced if your enrollment decreases.
  • Includes all personalized online support in one 'package' with Inspire membership (see below)
  • If you change from IMPLEMENT to INSPIRE during the membership year, your membership payment will be applied to the new level.
  • Renewable at the end of 3 years by mutual consent

Please contact us and we will send you details about the Inspire Membership pricing.



If you would like to discuss Inspire membership then please contact us at