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In CGC everything is connected. We collaborate with learners, teachers, leaders and parents in building a Learning Ecosystem. We collaborate with the Board in building strategy to sustain the ecosystem. We collaborate with ‘the Advancement Team’, a term that covers marketing, admissions, communications, development and alumni relations. Our purpose is to build the compelling story of the school and share it across the whole community.

Everyone wants to know the story of a school and their place in the story. When the Advancement Team works closely with the Learning Leadership Team then schools thrive.When schools thrive the focus of their work moves from simply maintaining what they do, through stages of making incremental improvements to the truly exciting phase of school transformation. That is the true focus of the Common Ground Collaborative: working with our school partners in the transformation of schools from siloed organizations to connected Learning Ecosystems.

Step Five: Building the Communications



Building the COMMUNITY Workshops


‘Everyone wants to know the story of a school and their place in that story’

It’s critical that the Advancement Team (Marketing, Admissions, Development, Communications) are held close to the vision and direction of the school, so that they can continually be telling the story of the schools in ways that are simple, resonant and true.



Through learning sessions and inclusive conversations we develop all aspects of ‘advancement’ so that the school’s ‘storytellers’ are always close to the heart of the school’s evolving culture.

Advancement Session 1 - System, Strategy, Story

For: Board/Leaders/Advancement
Length: 120 mins

  • Communications
Advancement Session 2 - The Story of a School

For: Leaders/Advancement
Length: 75 mins

  • Communications