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Building the CONSENSUS

Building the CONSENSUS

We work with the organizational leadership to build a deep, shared understanding of what we call ‘a portrait of possibilities’, co-creating a shared sense of the school’s identity, expressed through statements of purpose. We map out all the possibilities provided by a CGC partnership. We make a plan, framed by simple questions:

Where do we want to be?
Agreeing on our impact goals

How will we know?
Agreeing on the evidence and feedback that will inform our progress

Where are we now?
Agreeing on our current status relative to our goals.

How will we close the Gap?
Agreeing on the what, who and when of our action plan.

We work towards a clear consensus, defined as:

  • I understand this decision
  • I can live with this decision
  • I will defend this decision in public

Then we get to work.

Step One: Building the Consensus



Building the CONSENSUS Workshops


To reach agreement as to whether the school and CGC are well suited for a constructive partnership to further the school’s progress.



Our initial conversations are normally with the leadership of the school. Together we reach a mutual understanding as to our values, the needs of the school, the modus operandi of the CGC. Every partnership is different. Systems and solutions are co-created. The pattern of conversations below is simply a typical example.