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Building the CULTURE

Building the CULTURE

In the words of Peter Drucker, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Earlier in this overview we unpacked the importance of understanding schools as cultures, of the unifying influence of a common language, of the necessity of shared learning principles, of the common sense of agreed practices and professional learning systems focussed on those practices, and on the power of building deep leadership capacity to sustain the culture over time.

Our standard modus operandi is to facilitate engaging, interactive workshops with teachers and support staff to co-create all of the cultural elements referenced above. When we are facilitating, we like to work with on-site learning leaders as a team so that teachers see the depth of collaboration. We follow logical sequences, where the products of one learning session provide the basis for the next, often using rational if-then thinking sequences.

By the end of this sequence we have a set of key cultural statements/artefacts that provide clear, common directions while allowing for sensible degrees of personal interpretation. We have the framework for a sustainable learning culture.

Step Two: Building the Culture



Building the CULTURE Workshops


To co-create a coherent learning culture in which we share a common learning language and in which our learning, teaching, leading and parenting practices are guided by shared learning principles.



We facilitate a connected sequence of interactive, constructivist learning sessions in which we co-create all the connected elements of our learning culture.