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Building the CURRICULUM

Building the CURRICULUM

Using the same basic approach of collaborative co- creation, we build a deep understanding with teachers and of the challenges of designing a curriculum that focuses on what’s worth learning and why, that provides coverage of important conceptual, competency and character learning goals with uncoverage of powerful, enduring understandings, that tackles the promise
and complexity of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary learning and that unpacks inquiry- based pedagogy in practical, accessible ways.

Through a sequence of engaging, interactive learning sessions, teachers become increasingly expert in designing, unpacking and customizing Learning Modules, supported by our growing bank of exemplary models.

Step Three: Building the Curriculum



Building the CURRICULUM Workshops


To create a fully coherent, connected curriculum DESIGN that combines ‘coverage’ mapped against exemplary content sources with the ‘uncoverage’ of enduring understandings provided by compelling questions and conceptual understandings embedded in inquiry-based learning modules.



We work from whole to part and back again, using the CGC’s Map-Matrix-Module system, so that we understand CGC Learning Design at the holistic level of a complete curriculum map and the more granular level of the individual Learning Module.