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The Question: How Do We Create Learning Cultures?

In Drucker’s wonderful words, ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’. We agree, so we set out to develop learning cultures.We began by defining culture, simply, as ‘the way we do things around here’. We also like this:’Culture is what we do when no-one is watching’. If this is true, then it demands buy-in from everyone, and a major shift from cultures of compliance to cultures of co-creation.

CGC Deliver


The System

We are intentional about building learning cultures. Here's our thinking:

  • Cultures share a language, for which we have the CGC Learning Definition.
  • Cultures share aspirations, for which we have The Portrait of a Learner.
  • Cultures share beliefs and values, so, in every school, we collaborate to co-create Learning Principles.
  • Cultures share norms, so we collaborate to translate our Principles into shared Practices, for learners, teachers, leaders and parents.
  • Cultures share traditions, so we encourage well-designed, inclusive Celebrations of Learning.
  • Cultures share icons so we have a well-developed visual language for CGC.
CGC Deliver


The Impact

The impact of developing a true, shared learning culture is simply captured in our CGC mission statement: Everybody Learns.
Enough said.