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The Question: How Do We Provide Evidence of Learning?

Our approaches to assessment are purpose-driven, and center on the commitment to providing all learners with regular, equitable ways to provide well-curated evidence of their own learning. This evidence provides us with data that we can use to give them feedback to improve their learning and data to inform our practice as teachers.



The System

We are developing a Balanced Assessment System, in the company of our learning ally, Jay McTighe. This System is driven by 5 Assessment Principles: Purpose, Alignment, Reliability, Value and Equity. It focusses on assessment that is purposeful, learner-centered and evidence-based. It addresses the cycle of:

Purpose: What are the goals for this Learner?
Performance: Where is s/he now against those goals?
Progress: How far has s/he traveled?
Process: What factors, internal or external, have impacted performance and progress?
Proof: What’s the evidence?

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The Impact

The impact of a balanced assessment system is that, again, Everybody Learns, with assessment as a driving force. At the heart of this system is consistent, frequent feedback that is timely, specific, actionable and respectful.