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The Question: How Does Everyone Access Learning?

Equity of access is at the heart of our belief system. Nobody is ‘average’, everyone is exceptional. Our work is not just to include all learners into our Learning Ecosystem, it is to integrate everyone, fully. This means every child and every adult….provided with optimal opportunity for growth.


The System

This work is demanding. Literally, it demands the best of us: intellectually, personally, socially, morally. We have to embrace that challenge, by embracing diversity as the heart of our creativity and our strength. We have to state that belief in our guiding statements of organizational purpose, and then track it through our policies, programmes, principles and practices. In that way we will change our schools for good, in all senses of the term.


The Impact

We see ourselves as capacity builders, as construction workers in the business of learning architecture. We build strong foundations, we take down walls. Most significantly, we demolish ceilings. We believe that many of our learners do not reach their full human capacity because we constrain them with artificial ceilings built on the highly questionable notion of ‘averages’. The impact of this work of capacity building is simply captured in our CGC mission statement: Everybody Learns….to the max!