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The Question : What is Learning?

We don’t believe that we can make learning happen until we have defined what it actually is. We think that’s common sense. Specifically, we set out to define the learning process, so that this can drive the processes of teaching and leading.


The System

We set out to develop learning experts. Experts have a deep understanding of the central concepts of their field and the relationships among them. Experts are highly skilled in the competencies of their field. More than ever, we surely need expert human beings with strong, positive moral character. These insights led to our Definition of Learning as the consolidation and extension of Conceptual understanding, Competency and Character. Three kinds of learning, always interacting. A triple helix, the DNA of learning.

W.Edwards Deming said, ‘ If you can’t explain what you are doing as a process, then you don’t know what you’re doing’. We agree, so our definition focuses on the process of learning, so that it can drive the process of teaching. We provide, for each of our ‘3Cs’ , a simple, accessible, 3-stage learning/teaching process supported by a comprehensive toolkit for teachers. These processes are embedded in our Learning Modules and have field-tested, proven success in supporting deep learning.


The Impact

Simply put, we develop Learning Experts: Good with ideas, Good with skills…and Good People.