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The CGC has developed a genuine learning continuum, from toddler through grade twelve. It is framed by the seamless connecting elements of a shared definition of the learning process (Conceptual, Competency, Character) that drives a shared teaching process, spiraling Learning Goals, a shared set of aspirations (The Portrait of a Learner), a common organizer for all content (The 6 Human Commonalities), shared Learning Principles that shape Practices that build culture, and a shared set of Assessment Principles that frame a Balanced Assessment System.

To us, that’s just common sense. Schools seek a connected curriculum. Since it is hard to work ON school, IN school, those of us who have the privilege of serving schools have a duty to offer that continuity. Let’s be clear, there are absolutely NO learning-related reasons why structures, vocabulary, systems…the supporting structures for planning, teaching, and assessing…should change just because a child has a vacation and transitions into another school ‘division’. When ‘curriculum organizations’ sell access to different programs for, say, Primary School or Middle School, the reasons are historical or commercial, not educational.

Of course, the continuum must reflect developmental growth, but that is reflected in the actual learning expectations within the common system. It does not mean that the names of the parts of the system need to change, the planning tools, or any of the things that teachers are expected to use for their vital work.

Building a true continuum brings other benefits. For example, it helps to raise questions about when learning through play should stop (answer = never), why we seem to stop focussing on documenting learning after early childhood, or how to bring deep disciplinary knowledge into the elementary classroom. Having a true continuum facilitates the flow of ideas and approaches in both directions.

So the CGC’s Learning Ecosystem is ONE system, designed as a genuine continuum. The benefits are clear and obvious. We recently made an attempt at capturing the main elements of this continuum in a set of ‘classroom posters’. We see ourselves as culture builders and cultures share artifacts and icons. Ours are expressed in the graphics attached to this post. Please scroll through if you have time. I hope they make, really.

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